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The Republic of Senegal is a small country that lies further west than any other nation on the African continent. Senegal's population is made up of numerous ethnic groups, predominantly the Wolof people. The republic gained independence from...

Salem Press Encyclopedia, 2023. 3p.

1. The Effect of Humble Leadership on the Success of International Development Projects: The Mediating Role of Organizational Learning

5. Deepening Education Impact: Emerging Lessons from 14 Teams Scaling Innovations in Low- and Middle-Income Countries. Ongoing Analysis from the ROSIE Project

9. Inclusion of All in the Neighbourhood School and Student Well-Being in Senegal from the Perspective of a Practicing Pedagogue

10. Secure Dematerialization of Assessments in Digital Universities through Moodle, WebRTC and Safe Exam Browser (SEB)

11. How Does the Use of Open Digital Spaces Impact Students Success and Dropout in a Virtual University?

12. The Adaptation of Early Childhood Care and Education to Cultural and Local Characteristics in West Africa: Challenges for Educational Psychology Research

13. Scaling Education Innovations for Impact in Low- and Middle-Income Countries during COVID: Reflections on Key Themes

15. Aligning Aid for Education with National Systems: Supporting System Transformation and Better Education Outcomes. Brief

16. Reopening with Resilience: Lessons from Remote Learning during COVID-19 in West and Central Africa

17. Education and COVID-19

18. Beyond Heyneman & Loxley: The Relative Importance of Families and Schools for Learning Outcomes in Francophone Africa

19. Exploring the Motivations and Challenges West African Female Students Experience Engaging in University Sport

20. LILIEMA: A Sustainable Educational Programme Promoting African Languages and Multilingualism According to the Social Realities of Speakers and Writers


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