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5. Plasmocytome solitaire osseux : caractéristiques et facteurs associés au risque d'évolution vers le myélome multiple, sur une cohorte rémoise de 31 patients.

6. Proposition de délinéation des volumes cibles anatomocliniques postopératoires de la tumeur primitive des cancers du sinus maxillaire et des cavités nasales.

7. Erectile function preservation after radiotherapy using a dose-optimization approach on sexual structures for localized prostate cancer.

8. Application of deep learning in radiation therapy for cancer.

9. Acute toxicity in patients with high-risk prostate cancer treated with stereotactic body radiation, with irradiation to the prostate and pelvic nodes.

10. Management of second ipsilateral breast tumor event: An advocacy for a randomized trial.

11. Impact of adjuvant radiotherapy and chemotherapy on thymoma.

13. Stellenwert der lokalen Therapien beim oligometastasierten, hormonsensitiven Prostatakarzinom.

14. Lymphome gastrique du MALT.

15. Is oligometastatic disease an applicable and useful concept in haematologic malignancies? A narrative review of radiation therapy standards, modern techniques, and innovations.

16. Radiation therapy of the primary tumour and oligometastatic sites in patients with breast cancer with synchronous metastases: A literature review.

17. Management of oligometastatic/metastatic sarcomas and place of local treatments with focus on modern radiotherapy approaches.

18. Stereotactic body radiation therapy for bone oligometastases.

19. Indication and perspectives of radiation therapy in the setting of de-novo metastatic prostate cancer.

20. Management of head and neck carcinomas with synchronous or metachronous oligometastatic disease: Role of locoregional radiotherapy and metastasis-directed radiotherapy.


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