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1. The Impact of Cervical Cancer on the Sexuality of Muslim Female Patients with Husbands: A Qualitative Phenomenological Study

2. Knowledge and Practice Level of Nurses Towards Geriatric Care and Its Associated Factors in Selected Public Hospitals in Wolaita Zone, Southern Ethiopia 2022

3. Palliative Care Practice and Associated Factors Among Nurses Working in Chronic Care Units of Tertiary Hospitals in Ethiopia: A Cross-Sectional Study

4. Ozanimod: A Practical Review for Nurses and Advanced Practice Providers

5. Aging with AIDS: epidemiological profile of AIDS in older adults in Brazil

6. Evaluation of a short in-person and online antenatal educational intervention for high-risk pregnant women linked to antenatal consultation

7. The effect of early skin-to-skin contact after cesarean section on breastfeeding duration and development of atopic-allergic diseases

8. Is there room for mothers' agency in the choice to breastfeed? A qualitative analysis of mothers’ views on messages promoting breastfeeding in Quebec

9. Factors associated with the discontinuation of hormonal contraceptives in women of Lima, Peru

10. Symptoms and symptom clusters in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma and commonly used instruments: An integrated review

11. The prevalence and factors associated with sarcopenia in Thai older adults: A systematic review and meta-analysis

12. Air quality self-management in asthmatic patients with COPD: An integrative review for developing nursing interventions to prevent exacerbations

13. Identification and information management of cognitive impairment of patients in acute care hospitals: An integrative review

14. The development and evaluation of a short-term international student research and educational program

15. Nurses’ engagement in antimicrobial stewardship and its influencing factors: A cross-sectional study

16. Facilitators and barriers to the implementation of dietary nutrition interventions for community-dwelling older adults with physical frailty and sarcopenia: A qualitative meta-synthesis

17. Translation and psychometric testing of the Chinese version of the Perinatal Missed Care Survey

18. Attitudes of the public and medical professionals toward nurse prescribing: A text-mining study based on social medias

19. The effect of intelligent management interventions in intensive care units to reduce false alarms: An integrative review

20. Effect of the case-based learning method combined with virtual reality simulation technology on midwifery laboratory courses: A quasi-experimental study


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