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1. MBMF: Constructing memory banks of multi‐scale features for anomaly detection

2. A Spatio‐Temporal Enhanced Graph‐Transformer AutoEncoder embedded pose for anomaly detection

3. Semi‐supervised domain adaptation via subspace exploration

4. Anti‐occlusion person re‐identification via body topology information restoration and similarity evaluation

5. CR‐Net: Robot grasping detection method integrating convolutional block attention module and residual module

6. A survey on weakly supervised 3D point cloud semantic segmentation

7. Scene context‐aware graph convolutional network for skeleton‐based action recognition

8. Point cloud semantic segmentation based on local feature fusion and multilayer attention network

9. Scaling law of real traffic jams under varying travel demand

10. Suspended accounts align with the Internet Research Agency misinformation campaign to influence the 2016 US election

11. Machine learning pipeline to analyze clinical and proteomics data: experiences on a prostate cancer case

12. Early prediction of sudden cardiac death risk with Nested LSTM based on electrocardiogram sequential features

13. Prevalence of menthol cigarette use among adults who smoke from the United States by census division and demographic subgroup, 2002–2020: findings from the International Tobacco Control (ITC) project

14. How do taxi drivers expose to fine particulate matter (PM2.5) in a Chinese megacity: a rapid assessment incorporating with satellite-derived information and urban mobility data

15. Culturally adapted Turkish version of an internet-based mindfulness intervention for university students: a randomized controlled feasibility trial

16. The algorithm journey map: a tangible approach to implementing AI solutions in healthcare

17. International perspectives on measuring national digital public health system maturity through a multidisciplinary Delphi study

18. Whole-heart electromechanical simulations using Latent Neural Ordinary Differential Equations

19. Towards a common European ethical and legal framework for conducting clinical research: the GATEKEEPER experience

20. Deep learning evaluation of echocardiograms to identify occult atrial fibrillation


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