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Physiology is a branch of science that applies to all living things. The goal of the physiologist is to understand the mechanisms leading to the proper functioning of organisms such as bacteria, plants, animals, and humans. Physiology is an...

Salem Press Encyclopedia of Science, 2023. 3p.

3. The Use of Internet of Things Technology in the Pedagogical Process

4. Virtual Reality for Biochemistry Education: The Cellular Factory

5. Fertility Knowledge of Japanese Undergraduates Aspiring to Become Schoolteachers: A Cross-Sectional Survey

6. 'Neural Noise' in Auditory Responses in Young Autistic and Neurotypical Children

7. Using Mobile Dual Eye-Tracking to Capture Cycles of Collaboration and Cooperation in Co-Located Dyads

8. How Is Mental Health Associated with Adolescent Alpha-Amylase and Cortisol Reactivity and Coordination?

9. Somatic Multiplicities: The Microbiome-Gut-Brain Axis and The Neurobiologized Educational Subject

10. Determinants of Students' Adoption of Virtual Reality-Based Learning Systems: An Individual Difference Perspective

11. Addressing Menstrual Stigma through Sex Education in England- Taking a Sociomaterial Turn

12. Interventions to Support the Mental Health and Wellbeing of Engineering Students: A Scoping Review

13. Smoking Cessation Counseling in Practice: A Qualitative Analysis of Quitline Conversations in Queensland, Australia

14. Is the Development of Physical Literacy Ubiquitous in High-Quality Physical Education?

15. Bullying and Victimization in Schools: Causal Relationship between Adolescent Disruptive Behavior, Sleep Schedules, and Extended School Hours

16. Identification of Misconceptions about the Human Digestive System Using Concept Maps among Higher Secondary Students

17. Multimodal Learning Analytics and Neurofeedback for Optimizing Online Learners' Self-Regulation


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