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The science of pathology seeks to identify accurately the etiology of a disease and its development in the human body, which in turn leads to other studies focused on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of the disease....

Magill’s Medical Guide (Online Edition), 2023. 3p.

3. Lessons from the Year of COVID-19: Insights, Projections, and Next Steps in a High School Pathophysiology Classroom

4. Drawing for Retention: Using Visual Arts to Teach Cardiovascular Pathophysiology in Athletic Training

5. Naming as a Window to Word Retrieval Changes in Healthy and Pathological Ageing: Methodological Considerations

6. A Tutorial on Discourse Analysis in Healthy and Pathological Ageing

7. Speech Changes in Old Age: Methodological Considerations for Speech-Based Discrimination of Healthy Ageing and Alzheimer's Disease

8. Natural Language Processing Techniques for Studying Language in Pathological Ageing: A Scoping Review

9. Responding to the Healthcare Workforce Shortage: A Scoping Review Exploring Anatomical Pathologists' Professional Identities over Time

10. Improved PBL Hybrid with LBL is Beneficial to Fundamental Knowledge Acquisition in a Large Class Prior to Medical Internship

11. Reliability and Validity of Methods to Assess Undergraduate Healthcare Student Performance in Pharmacology: Comparison of Open Book versus Time-Limited Closed Book Examinations

15. Distinct Patterns of GABAergic Interneuron Pathology in Autism Are Associated with Intellectual Impairment and Stereotypic Behaviors

16. Well-Being and the Experience of Cyber Intimidation, Cyber Victimization and Pathological Internet Use

19. Investigation of Vocal Bifurcations and Voice Patterns Induced by Asymmetry of Pathological Vocal Folds

20. Refining the Antisocial Subscale of the Dimensional Clinical Personality Inventory 2: Failed Improvements or Did We Reach the Mountain Top


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