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5. Interpretive Autoethnography in Medicine: An Accessible Way to Introduce Healthcare Professionals to the Craft of Critical Qualitative Writing

6. Cross-Institutional Service-Learning in Orthopedics Curriculum in Traditional Chinese Medicine Education: APRS Service-Learning Model

7. Attitudes and Development Needs Connected to Interprofessional Identity Formation

13. Developing a Conceptual Model of Self-Directed Learning in Virtual Environments for Medical Sciences Students

14. Inquiry-Based Approach to Pandemics throughout History: Understanding Healthcare Students' Learning Experience

15. Environmental Regularities Mitigate Attentional Misguidance in Contextual Cueing of Visual Search

16. Drawing for Retention: Using Visual Arts to Teach Cardiovascular Pathophysiology in Athletic Training

17. Inattentional Blindness in Medicine

18. Characteristic Behaviors of Elementary Students in a Low Attention State during Online Learning Identified using Electroencephalography

19. Standards Needed? An Exploration of Qualifying Exams from a Literature Review and Website Analysis of University-Wide Policies

20. Improving Self-Reported Prescription Medicine Data Quality with a Commercial Database Lookup Tool and Claims Matching


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