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7. Carcass and meat quality characteristics of purebred (hair) and crossbred (wool × hair) sheep lambs grazing fescue pasture as influenced by breed type, sex, and supplementation

8. Investigating the effects of climate change and anthropogenic activities on SOC storage and cumulative CO 2 emissions in forest soils across altitudinal gradients using the century model.

9. Restorative pyric herbivory practices in shrub-encroached grasslands enhance nutrient resource availability and spatial heterogeneity.

10. Goose grazing shifts the dominance of annual vegetation in coconut plantations from aboveground biomass to the soil seed bank.

13. Anthropogenic activities influence spatiotemporal patterns of predator-prey interactions

14. Response of leaf, litter, and root ecological stoichiometries to grazing exclosure duration on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau.

15. Time budgets differ in horses during continuous and space-restricted rotational grazing

16. Scale-dependent topographic complexity underpins abundance and spatial distribution of ecosystem engineers on natural and artificial structures.

17. How do productivity gradient and diffusion shape patterns in a plant–herbivore grazing system?

18. Adaptive multi-paddock grazing increases mineral associated soil carbon in Northern grasslands.

19. Dung removal by dung beetles in tropical livestock-dominated landscapes: Role of livestock grazing abandonment, local environment, and community attributes.

20. Population trends in an endemic dwarf succulent over two decades: rainfall, elevation, microsite and landuse effects.


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