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1. Applied Music

2. Coda

3. Moving Forward, Planning What’s Next

4. Music Theory

5. Music History/Musicology

6. Music Appreciation

7. Pedagogy

8. Music Education

9. Teaching Persona

11. The role of executive functioning, healthcare management, and self-efficacy in college students' health-related quality of life

12. Training Program in Siwungkuk 01 Elementary School to Improve Skills Teaching

13. Case Article—Bayer New Drug Development Decision Making


15. How can messaging apps, WhatsApp and SMS be used to support learning? A scoping review

16. Social and Communication Competences of Students: Future Teachers

17. Pedagogical Practices Among Teachers of Different Demographics and Dispositions Toward Change: Results of a Multi-Region Survey of U.S. Physical Educators

18. Effectiveness of a Whole-of-School Approach in Promoting Physical Activity for Children: Evidence From Cohort Study in Primary Schools in Thailand

19. Note-taking with convertible laptops in teaching-learning consecutive interpreting. Results from an MA Degree programme pilot study

20. Development of a Screencast-Based Flipped Classroom to Enrich Learning and Reduce Faculty Time Requirements in an Animal Welfare Master’s Degree


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