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The study of biodiversity began in the later part of the twentieth century. The word was coined by Edward O. Wilson to explain the biological living resources and wealth lost when whole areas of tropical rainforest were destroyed by clear-cutting...

Salem Press Encyclopedia of Science, 2023. 3p.

4. Website Development on Herbal Plant Diversity as Media in 'Kurikulum Merdeka'

7. Structural Power and Epistemologies in the Scientific Field: Why a Rapid Reconciliation between Functional and Evolutionary Biology Is Unlikely

8. Interacting with Legumes -- Teaching about Pollination and Adaptations Using Functional Flower Models of Fabaceae

9. Developing and Applying a Protocol for Long-Term Monitoring at Local Natural Areas

17. Young People in iNaturalist: A Blended Learning Framework for Biodiversity Monitoring

18. Children's Perception of Biodiversity in Their School Grounds and Its Influence on Their Wellbeing and Resilience

19. 'Signs, Signs, Everywhere the Signs': Interpretive Trail Signage for Biodiversity Education

20. The Development of a Competence Framework for Environmental Education Complying with the European Qualifications Framework and the European Green Deal


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