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The words "acoustics" and "phonics" evolved from ancient Greek roots for hearing and speaking, respectively. Thus, acoustics began with human communication, making it one of the oldest if not the most basic of sciences. Because acoustics is...

Salem Press Encyclopedia of Science, 2022. 3p.

1. Amplitude Modulation Perception and Cortical Evoked Potentials in Children with Listening Difficulties and Their Typically Developing Peers

2. Associations between Recreational Noise Exposure and Hearing Function in Adolescents and Young Adults: A Systematic Review

5. Perceived Effects of Background Noise on the Learning Experiences of English First- and Second-Language Female Learners

6. Sound Localization in Noisy Contexts: Performance, Metacognitive Evaluations and Head Movements

7. Body Painting, Ultrasound, Clinical Examination, and Peer-Teaching: A Student-Centered Approach to Enhance Musculoskeletal Anatomy Learning

8. Ting, Tang, Tong: Emergent Bilingual Students Investigating and Constructing Evidence-Based Explanations about Sound Production

9. Speech Changes in Old Age: Methodological Considerations for Speech-Based Discrimination of Healthy Ageing and Alzheimer's Disease

10. Perceived Neighborhood Characteristics and Sleep in Australian Adults

11. Attentional Modulation of Neural Sound Tracking in Children with and without Dyslexia

12. Listening to or Looking at Models: Learning about Dynamic Complex Systems in Science among Learners Who are Blind and Learners Who are Sighted

13. Digital Music and Critical Music Literacy

14. Design of Aided Augmentative and Alternative Communication Systems for Children with Vision Impairment: Psychoacoustic Perspectives

15. Auditory Processing and Reading Disability: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

16. A Study of Rhythmic Emergent Literacy within an Orff-Based Program Implemented in Israel

17. The Effects of Classroom Acoustic Conditions on Teachers' Health and Well-Being: A Scoping Review

18. Relationships between Auditory Processing and Cognitive Abilities in Adults: A Systematic Review

19. Subcortical Auditory Processing and Speech Perception in Noise among Individuals with and without Extended High-Frequency Hearing Loss

20. Recognition of Speech with Dynamic Pitch Manipulation in Noise: Effects of Manipulation Methods


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