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6. Impact of Visual Nutritional Indicator on the Nutritional Therapy in Intensive Care Unit.

7. Optimizing nutrition IN pediatric intestinal pseudo‐obstruction syndrome.

12. Impact of nutrition counseling on nutrition status in patients with head and neck cancer undergoing radio- or radiochemotherapy: a systematic review.

13. Smartfeeding: A Dynamic Strategy to Increase Nutritional Efficiency in Critically Ill Patients—Positioning Document of the Metabolism and Nutrition Working Group and the Early Mobilization Working Group of the Catalan Society of Intensive and Critical Care Medicine (SOCMiC)

14. Therapeutic Effects of Amaranth: Analysis of the Antidiabetic Potential of the Plant.

15. One Page in the History of Starvation and Refeeding.

16. Histamin İntoleransına Güncel Bakış.

17. Diet and Physical Activity in Fabry Disease: A Narrative Review.

18. Langkettige Fettsäureoxidationsstörungen, ihre Früherkennung und die Rolle des Stillens: Ein Fallbeispiel.

19. Effects of nutritional interventions in older adults with malnutrition or at risk of malnutrition on muscle strength and mortality: results of pooled analyses of individual participant data from nine RCTs


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