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1. ERP systems: aspects of selection, implementation and sustainable operations

2. A multi-layered software architecture model for building software solutions in an urbanized information system

3. Getting the balance right between functional and non-functional requirements: the case of requirement specification in IT procurement

4. Developing business advantages from the technological possibilities of enterprise information systems

5. Ladder to success – eliciting project managers’ perceptions of IS project success criteria

6. TAM-based external factors related to ERP solutions acceptance in organizations

7. A tale behind Mum Effect

8. Project characteristics, project management software utilization and project performance: An impact analysis based on real project data

9. Social relationships in IT project teams: its role, complexity and the management thereof

10. Sourcing strategies to keep up with competition: the case of SAP

11. Governance challenges in temporary organizations: a case of evolution and representations

12. Addressing consumerization of IT risks with nudging

13. Business process improvement by means of Big Data based Decision Support Systems: a case study on Call Centers

14. Defining Building Information Modeling implementation activities based on capability maturity evaluation: a theoretical model

15. Distributed team cohesion – not an oxymoron. The impact of information and communications technologies on teamness in globally distributed IT projects

16. The ERP post-implementation stage: a knowledge transfer challenge

17. A new approach to managing Lessons Learned in PMBoK process groups: the Ballistic 2.0 Model

18. Development and assessment of an instrument to measure equivocal situation and its causes in IS/IT project evaluation

19. The application of post tender negotiation procedure: a public sector procurement perspective in UK

20. Improving intercultural competency in global IT projects through recognition of culture-based behaviors


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