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1. Ritmos diarios de comportamiento alimentario y bienestar en la dorada (Sparus aurata)

4. Time-restricted feeding can increase food-related impulsivity: a randomized controlled trial.

5. Malaria transmission heterogeneity in different eco-epidemiological areas of western Kenya: a region-wide observational and risk classification study for adaptive intervention planning.

7. Association between eating habits and low physical activity in adolescents.

8. Effect of the Meal Interval Setting of an Automated Concentrate Feeding System on Feed Intake and Feeding Behavior in Fattening Hanwoo Steers.

9. Associations of Broader Parental Factors with Childrens Happiness and Weight Status through Child Food Intake, Physical Activity, and Screen Time: A Longitudinal Modeling Analysis of South Korean Families.

10. Higher outdoor mosquito density and Plasmodium infection rates in and around malaria index case households in low transmission settings of Ethiopia: Implications for vector control

11. Feeding Behavior Responses of the Small Copepod, Paracalanus parvus , to Toxic Algae at Different Concentrations.

12. Differences in malaria vector biting behavior and changing vulnerability to malaria transmission in contrasting ecosystems of western Kenya.

13. Anatomy of an agricultural antagonist: Feeding complex structure and function of three xylem sap‐feeding insects illuminated with synchrotron‐based 3D imaging

14. Feeding ecology of monk sakis (Pithecia monachus) in a seasonally flooded forest in western Amazonia.

15. Perspective: Challenges and Future Directions in Clinical Research with Nuts and Berries.


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