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1. The Eurasian Economic Union and Multipolar Globalization

5. Mechanisms of strengthening the economic sovereignty of the state in the context of military operations.

6. Entre o interesse público e o de mercado: a Petrobras como uma questão de soberania nacional.

7. The Economic World of the populus Romanus.

8. Economic Sovereignty of a State: Value, Challenges, Legal Mechanisms for Protection

9. Confronting Cannabis: Legalization on Native Nation Lands and the Impacts of Differential Federal Enforcement.

10. Anti-Dumping Policy as An Effort To Maintain Indonesia's Economic Sovereignty

11. Quelques réflexions sur l’Accord de Paris et la souveraineté économique des États

12. Making Sovereignty Mean Something: Native Nations and Creative Adaptation

18. The Pandemic and the Crisis in the System of International Relations

20. Fool’s Gold? Constitution, Sovereignty and the Golden Share in Embraer-Boeing Case.


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