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3. Yield and costs of direct and stepped screening for depressive symptoms in subjects aged 75 years and over in general practice

5. Measuring daily functioning in older persons using a frailty index: a cohort study based on routine primary care data.

8. Reference values for generic instruments used in routine outcome monitoring: the leiden routine outcome monitoring study

9. The Netherlands study of depression in older persons (NESDO); a prospective cohort study

10. Collaborative stepped care for anxiety disorders in primary care: aims and design of a randomized controlled trial

11. Follow-up study on health care use of patients with somatoform, anxiety and depressive disorders in primary care

13. Presence and correlates of apathy in non-demented depressed and non-depressed older persons

14. International variation in GP treatment strategies for subclinical hypothyroidism in older adults: a case-based survey.

15. Pain Assessment in Impaired Cognition (PAIC): content validity of the Dutch version of a new and universal tool to measure pain in dementia.


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