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1. A detailed multi-omics analysis of GNB2 gene in human cancers

2. Monitoring damage of concrete beams via self-sensing cement mortar coating with carbon nanotube-nano carbon black composite fillers

3. Back to basics: Nanomodulating calcium silicate hydrate gels to mitigate CO2 footprint of concrete industry

4. Executive summary of the KDIGO 2024 Clinical Practice Guideline for the Evaluation and Management of Chronic Kidney Disease: known knowns and known unknowns

12. Search for the leptonic decays $D^{*+}\to e^+\nu_e$ and $D^{*+}\to \mu^+\nu_\mu$

13. Measurement of $e^{+}e^{-}\to \omega\eta^{\prime}$ cross sections at $\sqrt{s}=$ 2.000 to 3.080 GeV

14. Observation of the semileptonic decays $D^0\rightarrow K_S^0\pi^-\pi^0 e^+ \nu_e$ and $D^+\rightarrow K_S^0\pi^+\pi^- e^+ \nu_e$


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