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1. Excitation Localization/Delocalization Isomerism in a Strongly Coupled Covalent Dimer of 1,3-Diphenylisobenzofuran

2. Guidance for Mutual Disposition of Chromophores for Singlet Fission

3. Structures and Properties of Three Polymorphic Modifications based on Tetrahedral Building Blocks of Dichlorobis(pyridazine-N) Zinc(II)

4. Metal Cation−Methyl Interactions in CB11Me12- Salts of Me3Ge+, Me3Sn+, and Me3Pb+

6. Theoretical Studies of Metal Ion Selectivity. 3. A Theoretical Design of the Most Specific Combinations of Functional Groups Representing Amino Acid Side Chains for the Selected Metal Ions (Co2+, Ni2+, Cu2+, Zn2+, Cd2+, and Hg2+)

7. Improper, blue-shifting hydrogen bond

8. Trimorphism of 4,4′-Di(tert.-butyl)-biphenyl: structural, thermodynamic and kinetic aspects

9. Wechselwirkungen in Molekülkristallen, 175 [1, 2]. Kristallzüchtung und Strukturbestimmung von {Cäsium-tetraphenylimido- diphosphat}-Aggregaten mit unterschiedlicher lipophiler Umhüllung durch verschiedenartig Methyl-substituierte Phenylringe sowie relativistische DFT-Modellberechnungen zu Cäsium/Cäsium-Wechselwirkungen / Interaction in M olecular Crystals, 175 [1,2]. Crystal Growth and Structure Determination of {Cesium-tetraphenylimidodiphosphate} Aggregates with Differing Lipophilic Wrapping Due to Differently Methyl-Substituted Phenyl Rings, and Relativistic DFT-Model Calculations of Cesium/Cesium Interactions

10. Blue-Shifting Hydrogen Bonds

11. Wechselwirkungen in Molekülkristallen, 155 [1, 2]. Kristallzüchtung und Strukturbestimmung des Radikalkation-Salzes [Tetrahydrotetrathiafulvalenium●⊕] [AlCl4 ⊖]/Interaction in Molecular Crystals, 155 [1,2]. Crystallization and Structure Determination of the Radicalcation Salt [Tetrahydrotetrathiafulvalenium●⊕][AlCl4 ⊖]

13. The Li+-Initiated Twofold Dehydrogenation and C−C Bond Formation of Hexaphenylbenzene to the Dilithium Salt of the 9,10-Diphenyltetrabenz[a,c,h,j]anthracene Dianion

14. Solvent-Shared and Solvent-Separated Ion Multiples of Perylene Radical Anions and Dianions: An Exemplary Case of Alkali Metal Cation Solvation

15. Preparation, Structure, and Density Functional Calculation of the Solvent-Separated Ion Pair [(H5C2)Al(OC6H5)3-···Li+···-(H5C6O)3Al(C4H9)]-[Li+(DME)3]

16. Regular polyhedral molecules. P20 and its inclusion compounds

17. Structural Distortions in Diiodine-Substituted Unsaturated Hydrocarbons

18. Carbazole deprotonation by sodium metal mirror in various ethers: Structures with Na+-coordination numbers 3 and 4 to 7

19. Interactions in Molecular Crystals, 118. The Sodium(benzo‐15‐crown‐5) Salt of 2, 6‐Di(tert‐butyl)‐4‐methylphenol, a Sodium Phenolate with an Extremely Short Na+…O−Distance: Structure and Density Functional Calculations

20. Wechselwirkungen in Molekülkristallen, 127 [1] Die unterschiedlichen Strukturen des im Kristall verdrillten 1,4-Bis(tricyanvinyl)- benzols sowie des eingeebneten 1-Tricyanvinylbenzols, Dichtefunktional- Berechnungen und cyclovoltammetrisch sowie ESR/ENDOR-spektroskopisch charakterisiertes Reduktionsverhalten / Interactions in Molecular Crystals, 127 [1]The Different Structures in the Crystal of Twisted 1,4-Bis(tricyanovinyl)benzene as well as of Planar 1-Tricyanovinyl-benzene, Density Functional Calculations and Reduction Behaviour Studied by Cyclovoltammetry and ESR/ENDOR Spectroscopy


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