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1. Measurement of W ± boson production in Pb+Pb collisions at s NN = 5.02 Te with the ATLAS detector

2. Study of the hard double-parton scattering contribution to inclusive four-lepton production in pp collisions at root s=8 TeV with the ATLAS detector

3. Hemoglobin constant spring (HbCS) and CS type hemoglobin H disease: a 3 family survey.

4. [The anticancer and pharmacologic study of oxalysine (author's transl)].

5. [Massive osteolysis (author's transl)].

7. [Morphological observation on inflammatory pseudotumor in orbit associated with proliferation of lymph cell and transformation into immunoblasts (author's transl)].

9. Cytotoxicity and sister chromatid exchanges induced in vitro by six anticancer drugs developed in the peoplés republic of China / Cytotoxicité et échanges de chromatides-sœurs induits in vitro par six drogues anticancéreuses étudiées dans la République Populaire de Chine

10. [Influence of oxalysine (I-677) on the incorporation of lysine and its subcellular distribution].

11. [Segmental tumorectomy--a report of 8 cases].

12. Surgical treatment of congenital ventricular septal defect. A 21 year experience in 1,187 patients.

15. Measurement of the Higgs boson mass in the H → ZZ⁎ → 4ℓ and H → γγ channels with s=13 TeV pp collisions using the ATLAS detector

16. Hemoglobin Constant Spring in China.

18. [Effect of oxalysine on pulmonary metastases of Lewis lung carcinoma in mice].

19. [Verrucous carcinoma (carcinoma cuniculatum)--clinicopathologic study on 10 cases].


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