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1. Additively manufactured aluminium nested composite hybrid rocket fuel grains with breathable blades

2. Three-dimensional printed metal-nested composite fuel grains with superior mechanical and combustion properties

3. Combustion Characteristics of a Swirl-Radial-Injection Composite Fuel Grain with Applications in Hybrid Rockets

4. Nitrogen-rich energetic polymer powered aluminum particles with enhanced reactivity and energy content

5. Effects of Dietary Probiotics and Acidifiers on the Production Performance, Colostrum Components, Serum Antioxidant Activity and Hormone Levels, and Gene Expression in Mammary Tissue of Lactating Sows

6. In Situ Measurement of NO, NO2, and H2O in Combustion Gases Based on Near/Mid-Infrared Laser Absorption Spectroscopy

7. Error Analysis of Integrated Absorbance for TDLAS in a Nonuniform Flow Field

16. Measurement of multispecies concentration and gas temperature in an ammonium-dinitramide-based thruster by tunable diode lasers

17. Linear calibration‐free wavelength modulation spectroscopy

18. Forecasting Variation Trends of Stocks via Multiscale Feature Fusion and Long Short-Term Memory Learning

19. Magnetic and Pressure Effects on E–H Mode Transition Power and Electron Energy Distribution in Helical Antenna-Coupled RF Plasma

20. Optical diagnostics in a detonation-driven direct-connected circular combustor fueled with hydrogen for mach 10 scramjet


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