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1. Temporal association between antibiotic use and resistance in Gram-negative bacteria

2. Measurement of the ${e}^{+}{e}^{-}\to p \bar{p}{\pi}^{0}$ cross section at $\sqrt{s}=2.1000-3.0800$ GeV

3. Study of $e^+e^-\to\omega X(3872)$ and $\gamma X(3872)$ from 4.66 to 4.95 GeV

4. Observation of $D \to a_{0}(980)\pi$ in the decays $D^{0} \rightarrow \pi^{+}\pi^{-}\eta$ and $D^{+} \rightarrow \pi^{+}\pi^{0}\eta$

5. Measurement of $e^{+}e^{-}\to \omega\eta^{\prime}$ cross sections at $\sqrt{s}=$ 2.000 to 3.080 GeV

6. Measurement of the Born cross section for $e^{+}e^{-}\to \eta h_c $ at center-of-mass energies between 4.1 and 4.6\,GeV

7. Search for the Rare Decays $D_s^+\to h^+(h^{0})e^+e^-$

8. Search for $\eta_c(2S)\to 2(\pi^+\pi^-)$ and improved measurement of $\chi_{cJ}\to 2(\pi^+\pi^-)$

9. Search for di-photon decays of an axion-like particle in radiative decays of J/psi

10. Evidence of the $h_c\to K_S^0 K^+\pi^-+c.c.$ decay

11. Search for $C$-even states decaying to $D_{s}^{\pm}D_{s}^{*\mp}$ with masses between $4.08$ and $4.32$ $\rm GeV/{\it c}^{2}$

12. Measurement of absolute branching fractions of $D_s^+$ hadronic decays

13. Observation of the semileptonic decays $D^0\rightarrow K_S^0\pi^-\pi^0 e^+ \nu_e$ and $D^+\rightarrow K_S^0\pi^+\pi^- e^+ \nu_e$

14. Cross section measurement of $e^+e^-\to \eta\psi(2S)$ and search for $e^+e^-\to\eta\tilde{X}(3872)$

15. Precise measurement of the $e^+e^-\to D_s^+D_s^-$ cross sections at center-of-mass energies from threshold to 4.95 GeV

16. Search for $\Delta S=2$ nonleptonic hyperon decays $\Omega^-\to\Sigma^{0}\pi^{-}$ and $\Omega^-\to nK^{-}$

17. Test of lepton universality and measurement of the form factors of $D^0\to K^{*}(892)^-\mu^+\nu_\mu$

18. Determination of the number of $\psi(3686)$ events taken at BESIII

19. Observation of the decay $h_{c}\to3(\pi^{+}\pi^{-})\pi^{0}$

20. Observation of $\psi(3686)\to 3\phi$


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