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4. Processing the pandemic

9. Sustained multiplicity in everyday cholesterol reduction: repertoires and practices in talk about 'healthy living'

10. 'Prevention is better than cure, but ...': Preventive medication as a risk to ordinariness?

11. Genetic unexceptionalism: Clinician accounts of genetic testing for familial hypercholesterolaemia

12. Identifying Effectiveness in The Old Old: Principles and Values in the Age of Clinical Trials / L'identification de l'efficacité chez les personnes âgées de plus de 75 ans : Principes et valeurs au temps des essais cliniques

14. Arguing about the evidence : readers, writers and inscription devices in coronary heart disease risk assessment / Argumenter sur la preuve : lecteurs, rédacteurs et dispositifs d'inscription dans l'évaluation du risque de maladie cardiaque

19. Healthcare practitioner views and experiences of patients self-monitoring blood pressure: a vignette study.


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