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2. Screening of Seven Plant Species for Short-Term Improved Fallows in the Humid Forest Zone of Cameroon

3. Infestation and damage by Clavigralla tomentosicollis and Anoplocnemis curvipes (Hemiptera: Coreidae) in cowpea plants with modified leaf structure and pods in different positions relative to the canopy

4. Interaction between pod age and position on damage to cowpea Vigna unguiculata by hemipteran pod-sucking bugs

5. Residue management of a planted fallow on an acid soil in Cameroon : crop yields and soil organic matter fractions

8. Agronomic and economic evaluation of methods of establishing alley cropping under a maize/groundnut intercrop system

9. Stepwise approach to alley cropping technology development and transfer in the forest zone of Cameroon

10. Growth of ten multipurpose tree species on acid soils in Sangmelima, Cameroon

11. Implications of national land legislation and customary land and tree tenure on the adoption of alley farming

15. Improving Drilling Performance through Deployment of 12-Project Management Critical Success Factors: An Empirical Investigation

16. Development of oil palm-based agroforests at the slash-and-burn agriculture project zone of Cameroon: agronomy and economics of the establishment phase

20. Assessment of certain soil properties related to different land-use systems in the Kaya watershed of the humid forest zone of Cameroon.


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