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1. Subrelativistic Alternating Phase Focusing Dielectric Laser Accelerators

2. Scalable Low-latency Optical Phase Sensor Array

4. Immersion graded index optics: theory, design, and prototypes

5. Scalable and self-correcting photonic computation using balanced photonic binary tree cascades

6. Experimental evaluation of digitally-verifiable photonic computing for blockchain and cryptocurrency

7. Experimentally realized in situ backpropagation for deep learning in nanophotonic neural networks

8. High Gradient Silicon Carbide Immersion Lens Ultrafast Electron Sources

14. Electron Pulse Compression with Optical Beat Note

15. Monolithic Silicon-On-Nothing Fiber-Based Pressure Sensors

16. Resonant Scanning Design and Control for Fast Spatial Sampling

20. Novel Materials-based Laser Acceleration


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