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1. Analysis of Nurse and Patient Preferences for Pre-Filled Pen Devices for Self-Injection of Highly Purified Human Menopausal Gonadotropin (HP-hMG, MENOPUR®)

2. Genome-wide analysis identifies genetic effects on reproductive success and ongoing natural selection at the FADS locus

3. Diet, Diabetes Status, and Personal Experiences of Individuals with Type 2 diabetes Who Self-Selected and Followed a Low Carbohydrate High Fat diet

4. Elevated fractional exhaled nitric oxide and blood eosinophil counts are associated with a 17q21 asthma risk allele in adult subjects

5. A multi-layer functional genomic analysis to understand noncoding genetic variation in lipids

6. Enhancing health and independent living for veterans with disabilities by leveraging community-based resources

7. Validity of a screening tool for detecting subtle cognitive impairment in the middle-aged and elderly

8. Genetic insights into biological mechanisms governing human ovarian ageing

9. Gene-educational attainment interactions in a multi-ancestry genome-wide meta-analysis identify novel blood pressure loci

10. Heterogeneous melting near the Thwaites Glacier grounding line

11. Author Correction: The power of genetic diversity in genome-wide association studies of lipids

12. A multi-ancestry genome-wide study incorporating gene-smoking interactions identifies multiple new loci for pulse pressure and mean arterial pressure

13. Multiancestry Genome-Wide Association Study of Lipid Levels Incorporating Gene-Alcohol Interactions

14. Comparison of smoking-related DNA methylation between newborns from prenatal exposure and adults from personal smoking

16. Gene-educational attainment interactions in a multi-population genome-wide meta-analysis identify novel lipid loci

17. Multi-ancestry genome-wide study identifies effector genes and druggable pathways for coronary artery calcification

18. DNA methylation analysis is used to identify novel genetic loci associated with circulating fibrinogen levels in blood

19. DNA methylation age is associated with an altered hemostatic profile in a multiethnic meta-analysis

20. A Large-Scale Multi-ancestry Genome-wide Study Accounting for Smoking Behavior Identifies Multiple Significant Loci for Blood Pressure


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