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1. Optimization of a novel Renealmia ligulata (Zingiberaceae) essential oil extraction method through microwave-assisted hydrodistillation

2. Tecnologías Digitales. Desarrollo de aplicación de realidad aumentada como herramienta de visualización de vulnerabilidad sísmica edilicia

3. Gene expression profiles in COVID-19-associated tracheal stenosis indicate persistent anti-viral response and dysregulated retinol metabolism

4. Genetic organization of an M protein trans-acting positive regulator (Mga) orthologue and its adjacent M-like protein (SCM) alleles in Streptococcus canis

5. How effective is nutrition training for staff running after school programs in improving quality of food purchased and meal practices? A program evaluation

6. Concepts of lines of therapy in cancer treatment: findings from an expert interview-based study

7. The effect of education on safe use of pesticides based on the health belief model

8. Dual-color FISH analyses of xenogeneic human fibroblast sheets transplanted to repair lung pleural defects in an immunocompromised rat model

9. Sero-antigen prevalence of lymphatic filariasis and risk factors of podoconiosis in Busiriba sub-county, Kamwenge district, Southwestern Uganda, August–September 2018

10. An inversion-based clustering approach for complex clusters

11. Hospital admission and mortality rates for ischemic heart disease in Thailand: 2012–2021

12. Uncovering the social impact of digital steganalysis tools applied to cybercrime investigations: a European Union perspective

13. An empirical assessment of seaports as facilitators of FOC-flagged transshipment landings

14. Single-centre observational study of the safety and efficacy of thoracoscopy under local anaesthesia for the management of thoracic infections

15. Structural basis for pathogenic variants of GJB2 and hearing levels of patients with hearing loss

16. Faecal shedding of SARS-CoV-2 from patients with asymptomatic and mild COVID-19 without gastrointestinal symptoms in Ghana

17. Sub-microscopic Plasmodium falciparum infections and multiple drug resistant single nucleotide polymorphic alleles in pregnant women from southwestern Nigeria

18. Dataset of seminal plasma proteome of Nellore bulls with high and low percentage of abnormalities sperm

19. Impact of infrasound exposure and streptozotocin-induced glucose intolerance on bone composition in Wistar rats

20. Pengembangan E-Modul Sintesis Metal Organic Frameworks Cu-BDC Sebagai Adsorben Zat Warna Berbasis Problem Based Learning Untuk Meningkatkan Literasi Sains Mahasiswa


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