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1. Social and built neighborhood environments and sleep health: The Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos Community and Surrounding Areas and Sueno Ancillary Studies

2. Associations of Physical Inactivity and COVID-19 Outcomes Among Subgroups

5. Associations of home and neighborhood environments with children’s physical activity in the U.S.-based Neighborhood Impact on Kids (NIK) longitudinal cohort study

6. Inter-rater reliability of streetscape audits using online observations: Microscale Audit of Pedestrian Streetscapes (MAPS) global in Japan

7. The TROLLEY Study: assessing travel, health, and equity impacts of a new light rail transit investment during the COVID-19 pandemic

8. Two-year outcomes of Faith in Action/Fe en Acción: a randomized controlled trial of physical activity promotion in Latinas

9. Associations of accelerometer measured school- and non-school based physical activity and sedentary time with body mass index: IPEN Adolescent study

10. Mapping One Million COVID-19 Deaths and Unhealthy Lifestyle Behaviors in the United States: Recognizing the Syndemic Pattern and Taking Action

11. Using Open Data and Open-Source Software to Develop Spatial Indicators of Urban Design and Transport Features for Achieving Healthy and Sustainable Cities

14. A Pathway to Prioritizing and Delivering Healthy and Sustainable Cities

15. Neighborhood Environment and Metabolic Risk in Hispanics/Latinos From the Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos

16. Location-specific psychosocial and environmental correlates of physical activity and sedentary time in young adolescents: preliminary evidence for location-specific approaches from a cross-sectional observational study.

19. Neighborhood built environments and Hispanic/Latino adults' physical activity in the U.S.: The Hispanic community health study/study of Latinos community and surrounding areas study

20. COVID-19: Implications for Physical Activity, Health Disparities, and Health Equity


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