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1. EPOCHS III: Unbiased UV continuum slopes at 6.5<z<13 from combined PEARLS GTO and public JWST NIRCam imaging

2. PEARLS: Discovery of Point-Source Features Within Galaxies in the North Ecliptic Pole Time Domain Field

3. Birds of a Feather: Resolving Stellar Mass Assembly With JWST/NIRCam in a Pair of Kindred $z \sim 2$ Dusty Star-forming Galaxies Lensed by the PLCK G165.7+67.0 Cluster

4. JWST Photometric Time-Delay and Magnification Measurements for the Triply-Imaged Type Ia 'Supernova H0pe' at z = 1.78

5. TREASUREHUNT: Transients and Variability Discovered with HST in the JWST North Ecliptic Pole Time Domain Field

6. JWST's PEARLS: 119 multiply imaged galaxies behind MACS0416, lensing properties of caustic crossing galaxies, and the relation between halo mass and number of globular clusters at $z=0.4$

7. JWST's PEARLS: Improved Flux Calibration for NIRCam

8. JWST NIRCam Photometry: A Study of Globular Clusters Surrounding Bright Elliptical Galaxy VV 191a at z=0.0513

9. PEARLS: A Potentially Isolated Quiescent Dwarf Galaxy with a TRGB Distance of 30 Mpc

10. PEARLS: JWST counterparts of micro-Jy radio sources in the Time Domain Field

11. EPOCHS IX. When cosmic dawn breaks: Evidence for evolved stellar populations in $7 < z < 12$ galaxies from PEARLS GTO and public NIRCam imaging

12. A search for high-redshift direct-collapse black hole candidates in the PEARLS north ecliptic pole field

13. JWST's PEARLS: Mothra, a new kaiju star at z=2.091 extremely magnified by MACS0416, and implications for dark matter models

14. JWST's PEARLS: Transients in the MACS J0416.1-2403 Field

15. EPOCHS VII: Discovery of high redshift ($6.5 < z < 12$) AGN candidates in JWST ERO and PEARLS data

16. Hidden giants in JWST's PEARLS: An ultra-massive z=4.26 sub-millimeter galaxy that is invisible to HST

17. Magellanic System Stars Identified in SMACS J0723.3-7327 James Webb Space Telescope Early Release Observations Images

18. Spectroscopy of the Supernova H0pe Host Galaxy at Redshift 1.78

19. EPOCHS Paper II: The Ultraviolet Luminosity Function from $7.5<z<13.5$ using 180 square arcminutes of deep, blank-fields from the PEARLS Survey and Public JWST data

20. Are JWST/NIRCam color gradients in the lensed z=2.3 dusty star-forming galaxy El Anzuelo due to central dust attenuation or inside-out galaxy growth?


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