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3. rCOSA: A Software Package for Clustering Objects on Subsets of Attributes.

4. Workshop on Using R for Business Analytics Courses.

5. Bayesian Applications in Environmental and Ecological Studies with R and Stan

6. Regression Modeling for Linguistic Data


9. Cleaning Data for Effective Data Science : Doing the Other 80% of the Work with Python, R, and Command-line Tools

10. Applied Multivariate Statistical Analysis and Related Topics with R

11. Remote Sensing Data Analysis in R

12. Forecasting Time Series Data with Facebook Prophet : Build, Improve, and Optimize Time Series Forecasting Models Using the Advanced Forecasting Tool

13. A Primer in Biological Data Analysis and Visualization Using R

16. Deep Learning with R Cookbook : Over 45 Unique Recipes to Delve Into Neural Network Techniques Using R 3.5.x

17. Learning Microeconometrics with R

18. R Statistics

19. Hands-On Deep Learning with R : A Practical Guide to Designing, Building, and Improving Neural Network Models Using R

20. Learning Predictive Analytics with R : Get to Grips with Key Data Visualization and Predictive Analytic Skills Using R


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