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1. Total-Body Parametric Imaging Using Relative Patlak Plot

2. Assessment of scattered and leakage radiation from ultra-portable digital chest X-ray systems: An independent study

3. Diffuse optical tomography in time domain with the inverse Rytov series

4. Towards AI Lesion Tracking in PET/CT Imaging: A Siamese-based CNN Pipeline applied on PSMA PET/CT Scans

5. A directional total variation minimization algorithm for isotropic resolution in digital breast tomosynthesis

6. Analysing contact conditions in hard-on-hard hip replacements: effectiveness of current analytical methods and novel data-driven approach

7. An insertable glucose sensor using a compact and cost-effective phosphorescence lifetime imager and machine learning

8. Modeling fibrous tissue in vascular fluid-structure interaction: a morphology-based pipeline and biomechanical significance

9. Charting a finite element, mechanical atlas of dermatologic wound closure

10. Validation of the estimated Effect of Ankle Foot Orthoses on Spinal Cord Injury Gait Using Subject-Adjusted Musculoskeletal Models

11. Artificial Intelligence for Neuro MRI Acquisition: A Review

12. fastMRI Breast: A publicly available radial k-space dataset of breast dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI

13. Collimator-less SPECT System Design for Dynamic Whole-body Imaging

14. Cross-sectional shape analysis for risk assessment and prognosis of patients with true lumen narrowing after type-A aortic dissection surgery

15. Dosimetric comparison of the BNCT treatment planning performances when using a nnU-NET to automatically segment Glioblastoma Multiforme

16. Upright to supine image registration and contour propagation for thoracic patients

17. Metasurfaces for infrared multi-modal microscopy: phase contrast and bright field

18. Nanodosimetric characterisation of proton track structure: a comparison of sampling and clustering algorithms using Geant4-DNA

19. Quantification of Collateral Supply with Local-AIF Dynamic Susceptibility Contrast MRI Predicts Infarct Growth

20. 3D Ultrasound Shear Wave Elastography for Musculoskeletal Tissue Assessment Under Compressive Load: A Feasibility Study


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