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1. PAC-learning of free-fermionic states is NP-hard

2. High-arity PAC learning via exchangeability

3. Private PAC Learning May be Harder than Online Learning

4. Proper vs Improper Quantum PAC learning

5. Distributional PAC-Learning from Nisan's Natural Proofs

6. Provable Advantage in Quantum PAC Learning

8. A PAC Learning Algorithm for LTL and Omega-regular Objectives in MDPs

9. PAC Learning Linear Thresholds from Label Proportions

10. Optimal Learners for Realizable Regression: PAC Learning and Online Learning

11. Attribute-Efficient PAC Learning of Low-Degree Polynomial Threshold Functions with Nasty Noise

13. SAT-Based PAC Learning of Description Logic Concepts

14. A Parameterized Theory of PAC Learning

15. Agnostic PAC Learning of k-juntas Using L2-Polynomial Regression

16. Find a witness or shatter: the landscape of computable PAC learning

17. On the complexity of PAC learning in Hilbert spaces

18. On PAC Learning Halfspaces in Non-interactive Local Privacy Model with Public Unlabeled Data

19. PAC learning and stabilizing Hedonic Games: towards a unifying approach


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