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1. An Exploration of Two Information Literacy Open Learning Object Repositories: Value, Content, and Engagement

2. Designing, Development, Implementation and Assessment of the Accessible Mass Open Learning Platforms for the Visually Impaired Individuals

3. Efficacy of Open Learning System on College of Education Students’ Achievement in Woodwork Technology

5. Classroom-Based Physical Activity and Teachers' Instructions on Students' Movement in Conventional Classrooms and Open Learning Spaces

8. Improved Web Accessibility Evaluation of Open Learning Contents for Individuals with Learning Disabilities

10. From Open Education to Open Learning: The Experience at the National Autonomous University of Mexico

11. Lessons learned about openness : EndNote course as an open learning resource

12. Chapter BIM-Based Open Learning Resources Repository for the Benedict Project

13. Factors That Influence Learners' Decisions to Drop out of Subjects at the Namibian College of Open Learning (NAMCOL): Distance Learning Mode

15. Open Learning Analytics: A Systematic Literature Review and Future Perspectives

16. The Use of Modern Technologies in Postgraduate Student Support in an Open Learning Institution: Are There New Cultures Emerging?

18. Utilizing random forest algorithm for early detection of academic underperformance in open learning environments


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