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4. Prototyping of vibration-sensing-actuation device to realization of future intelligent infrastructure

6. Clinical implications of CD36 antigen/antibody in allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

9. An unexpected case of small intestine cancer discovered and resected endoscopically

10. Characteristics of False-Positive Alarms in the BacT/Alert 3D System

11. CD133 prevents colon cancer cell death induced by serum deprivation through activation of Akt‐mediated protein synthesis and inhibition of apoptosis

12. HLA-C抗体保有患者におけるHLA-C座不一致血小板製剤の輸血効果の解析

18. Prevalence of sarcopenia and its association with dysphagia in cancer patients who require rehabilitation


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