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1. Ecological momentary assessment of stress, racism and other forms of discrimination during pregnancy using smartphone technology

2. Serotonin transporter triallelic genotype and response to citalopram and risperidone in dementia with behavioral symptoms

3. Coping with health stresses and remission from late-life depression in primary care: a two-year prospective study

4. Incidence and predictors of relapse during continuation treatment of major depression with SSRI, interpersonal psychotherapy, or their combination

5. Incorporating temporal features of repeatedly measured covariates into tree-structured survival models

6. Sleep duration is associated with dyslipidemia in patients with bipolar disorder in clinical remission

8. A Novel Approach for Developing and Interpreting Treatment Moderator Profiles in Randomized Clinical Trials

9. Time-dependent tree-structured survival analysis with unbiased variable selection through permutation tests

10. Symptoms of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Nonsyndromic Orofacial Cleft Children, and Dopamine Polymorphisms

11. An Integrated Risk Reduction Intervention can reduce body mass index in individuals being treated for bipolar I disorder: results from a randomized trial

12. Social rhythm disrupting events increase the risk of recurrence among individuals with bipolar disorder

14. Clarifying Heterogeneity of Daytime and Nighttime Symptoms of Post-traumatic Stress in Combat Veterans with Insomnia

15. An approach to revealing clinically relevant subgroups across the mood spectrum

16. The role of day-to-day emotions, sleep, and social interactions in pediatric anxiety treatment

17. The association between meal timing and frequency with cardiometabolic profile in patients with bipolar disorder

18. The Role of Personality Pathology in Depression Treatment Outcome With Psychotherapy and Pharmacotherapy

19. Combining moderators to identify clinical profiles of patients who will, and will not, benefit from aripiprazole augmentation for treatment resistant late-life major depressive disorder

20. Pooled patient-level meta-analysis of children and adults completing a computer-based anxiety intervention targeting attentional bias


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