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1. Prototyping Apps for the Management of Sleep, Fatigue, and Behavioral Health in Austere Far-Forward Environments: Development Study

2. Stress during pregnancy: An ecological momentary assessment of stressors among Black and White women with implications for maternal health

3. Trends in Stress Throughout Pregnancy and Postpartum Period During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Longitudinal Study Using Ecological Momentary Assessment and Data From the Postpartum Mothers Mobile Study

7. Personalized digital intervention for depression based on social rhythm principles adds significantly to outpatient treatment

8. A Novel, Brief, Fully Automated Intervention to Extend the Antidepressant Effect of a Single Ketamine Infusion: A Randomized Clinical Trial

9. Effect of Experimental Manipulation of the Orbitofrontal Cortex on Short-Term Markers of Compulsive Behavior: A Theta Burst Stimulation Study

10. Physical Exertion Partially Mitigates Task-Switching Deficits From Sleep Loss: Implications for Firefighters

11. Rapid neuroplasticity changes and response to intravenous ketamine: a randomized controlled trial in treatment-resistant depression

14. Use and Misuse of Machine Learning Variable Importance Metrics in Medicine: Demonstrations through Incident Stroke Prediction

15. Childhood trauma and gender: Synergistic and additive effects on sleep in healthy young adults

16. International pooled patient-level meta-analysis of ketamine infusion for depression: In search of clinical moderators

17. Medial Prefrontal Cortex Activity to Reward Outcome Moderates the Association Between Victimization Due to Sexual Orientation on Depression in Youth

18. Abstract MP76: The Association Between Sleep Health and Gestational Weight Gain

19. Emotional Exhaustion, a Proxy for Burnout, Is Associated with Sleep Health in French Healthcare Workers without Anxiety or Depressive Symptoms: A Cross‐Sectional Study

20. Self‐reported sleep and circadian characteristics predict alcohol and cannabis use: A longitudinal analysis of the National Consortium on Alcohol and Neurodevelopment in Adolescence Study


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