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1. Impedance-based real-time monitoring of neural stem cell differentiation

2. Let's Talk Series: Binge-Watching vs. Marathon. The Duality in the Consumption of Episodes from the Grounded Theory

3. Morir antes de nacer. Experiencias de madres, padres y profesionales ante la situación de muerte fetal tardía

4. Functional profiling of the human gut microbiome using metatranscriptomic approach

5. Development of a Smart Wireless Multisensor Platform for an Optogenetic Brain Implant

6. Planes of satellites around simulated disk galaxies II: Time-persistent planes of kinematically-coherent satellites in $\Lambda$CDM

7. Weekly Programming of Hamstring-Related Training Contents in European Professional Soccer

9. Surface textures of detrital pyroxenes in coastal dune sands (western Gulf of Mexico, Mexico): Implications for their preservation and geoenvironmental processes

10. Relationship among Perceived Stress, Life Satisfaction and Academic Performance of Education Sciences Students of the University of Jaén after the COVID-19 Pandemic

11. Digital Resources and Digital Competence: A Cross-Sectional Survey of University Students of the Childhood Education Degree of the University of Jaén

12. Exploring countermovement jump variables across competitive levels and playing positions in futsal

15. Overview of recent advancements in IFMIF-DONES neutronics activities

16. Polygenic risk scores mediating functioning outcomes through cognitive and clinical features in youth at family risk and controls

18. Individualised, perioperative open-lung ventilation strategy during one-lung ventilation (iPROVE-OLV): a multicentre, randomised, controlled clinical trial

20. Strength and Resistance to Sulfates, Carbonation and Chlorides Ingress by Substitution of Binder by Hydrotalcite in Several Cement Types


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