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1. Mechanical characterisation and crashworthiness performance of additively manufactured polymer-based honeycomb structures under in-plane quasi-static loading

2. Laser assisted fabrication of mechanochemically robust Ti3Au intermetallic at Au-Ti interface

3. Experimental Comparison of Laser Cladding and Powder Plasma Transferred Arc Welding Methods for Depositing Wear-Resistant NiSiB + 60% WC Composite on a Structural-Steel Substrate

4. Impact of Titanium Addition on Microstructure, Corrosion Resistance, and Hardness of As-Cast Al+6%Li Alloy

5. High-Temperature Corrosion of Flame-Sprayed Power Boiler Components with Nickel Alloy Powders

6. Hardfacing of mild steel with wear-resistant Ni-based powders containing WC particles using PPTAW technology

7. Characterization of Arboblend V2 Nature Textured Surfaces Obtained by Injection Molding

8. Powder Plasma Transferred Arc Welding of Ni-Si-B+60 wt%WC and Ni-Cr-Si-B+45 wt%WC for Surface Cladding of Structural Steel

9. Comparison of tribological properties and structure of coatings produced in powder flame spraying process on grey cast iron

10. Laser Assisted Size Reduction of Gold (Au) Particles onto a Titanium (Ti) Substrate Surface

11. Laser Superficial Fusion of Gold Nanoparticles with PEEK Polymer for Cardiovascular Application

12. The Influence of ZnO Oxide Layer on the Physicochemical Behavior of Ti6Al4V Titanium Alloy

13. Evaluation of the properties and structure of nanocrystalline surface layers in relation to selected constructional materials resistant to abrasive wear

14. The Influence of Hybrid Surface Modification on the Selected Properties of CP Titanium Grade II Manufactured by Selective Laser Melting

15. Properties and Structure of Deposited Nanocrystalline Coatings in Relation to Selected Construction Materials Resistant to Abrasive Wear

16. The Properties of Arc-Sprayed Aluminum Coatings on Armor-Grade Steel

17. Analiza struktury i składu chemicznego połączeń spawanych: płyta trudnościeralna – stal konstrukcyjna

18. Hardfacing of mild steel with wear-resistant Ni-based powders containing tungsten carbide particles using powder plasma transferred arc welding technology

19. Increasing the operational reliability of a ship by using a composite impeller in the event of hydrophore pump failure


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