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1. Simulation and rapid control prototyping of DC powered universal motors speed control: Towards an efficient operation in future DC homes

2. Adaptive λ-Control Strategy for Plug-In HEV Energy Management Using Fast Initial Multiplier Estimate

3. Application of System Modeling and Simulation of the Photovoltaic Production

4. An Approach for Designing Mixed Light-Emitting Diodes to Match Greenhouse Plant Absorption Spectra

8. Using Fuzzy Logic Control in Building Energy Consumption.

9. A Comparative Study of the Performances of the LQR Regulator versus the PI Regulator for the Control of a Battery Storage System

10. Modeling and simulation of building energy consumption

11. Design and Sensitive Analysis of Incremental Linear Actuator

12. A Comparison Between CCCV and VC Strategy for the Control of Battery Storage System in PV installation

14. Prospects for synergies between low-voltage DC microgrid technology and peer-to-peer energy trading markets

18. Optimal control of electrical machines using Pontryagin’s maximum principle

19. Modeling Methodology for a Complex System Applied to a Speed Measurement Operation for Internal Combustion Engines for Automotive Use


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