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1. Prototyping Apps for the Management of Sleep, Fatigue, and Behavioral Health in Austere Far-Forward Environments: Development Study

3. Predictors of reintegration adjustment among female U.S. Army spouses: A preliminary exploration

4. Effectiveness of the DROP training for military behavioral health providers targeting therapeutic alliance and premature dropout

5. Behavioral Health Provider Attitudes Toward Behavioral Health Profiles in the U.S. Army

6. Prototyping Apps for the Management of Sleep, Fatigue, and Behavioral Health in Austere Far Forward Environments (Preprint)

7. Intimate Partner Violence Perpetration Among Military Spouses

8. 0341 Digital Health Technology to Support Autonomous Sleep Monitoring and Management in Multi-Domain Operational (MDO) Environments

9. Association between cumulative risk and protective factors with mental distress among female military spouses

10. Randomized Controlled Trial of a Web‐Based Intervention to Disseminate Clinical Practice Guidelines for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: The PTSD Clinicians Exchange

11. Understanding How Clinicians Use a New Web-based Tool for Disseminating Evidence-Based Practices for the Treatment of PTSD: The PTSD Clinicians Exchange

12. Far Forward Behavioral Health Service Delivery in Future Combat Environments: A Qualitative Needs Assessment

14. Methodology of the U.S. Army's Suicide Prevention Leadership Tool Study: The Behavioral Health Readiness and Suicide Risk Reduction Review (R4)

15. Results of the Behavioral Health Readiness Evaluation and Decision-Making Instrument Study

16. Risk of Secondary Traumatic Stress in Treating Traumatized Military Populations: Results from the PTSD Clinicians Exchange

17. Sleep disturbance mediates the association of adverse childhood experiences with mental health symptoms and functional impairment in US soldiers

18. Marital Status and Marital Quality Differences in the Postdeployment Mental and Physical Health of Service Members

19. Violent Childhood Experiences and Intimate Partner Violence Among Married U.S. Soldiers Who Deployed to Iraq

20. Soldier Attitudes Toward Behavioral Health Profiles in the US Army


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