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1. Associação entre o consumo de café da manhã com a recomendação de atividade física e o estado nutricional em crianças

2. Why are children different in their moderate-to-vigorous physical activity levels? A multilevel analysis

3. Correlates of body fat and waist circumference in children from São Caetano do Sul, Brazil

4. Factors associated with objectively measured total sedentary time and screen time in children aged 9–11 years

5. Prevalence and factors associated with body mass index in children aged 9-11 years

6. Accelerometer-determined peak cadence and weight status in children from São Caetano do Sul, Brazil

7. A cross-cultural study of physical activity and sedentariness in youth from Mozambique and Portugal

10. Adherence to Recess Guidelines in the United States Using Nationally Representative Data: Implications for Future Surveillance Efforts

11. Worldwide trends in underweight and obesity from 1990 to 2022: a pooled analysis of 3663 population-representative studies with 222 million children, adolescents, and adults


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