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1. Emotion and false memory: How goal-irrelevance can be relevant for what people remember.

2. Forgetting Feelings: Opposite Biases in Reports of the Intensity of Past Emotion and Mood

3. Emotion and False Memory

4. Like Schrödinger’s Cat, the Impact Bias Is Both Dead and Alive: Reply to Wilson and Gilbert (2013)

10. Multi-mode question pretesting: Using traditional cognitive interviews and online testing as complementary methods

11. Highly Prevalent but Not Always Persistent: Undergraduate and Graduate Student's Misconceptions about Psychology

12. The Impact of Language and Response Format on Student Endorsement of Psychological Misconceptions

13. Can They and Will They? Exploring Proxy Response of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in the Current Population Survey

17. Suggested Improvements in Art Bibliography


20. Neighborhood group launches task force on homelessness SA Senate refines membership qualifications for diversity and inclusion assembly Chuck Todd talks through Kavanaugh hearings, media under Trump Photos: Designers preview spring collections at D.C. Fas


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