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3. Photoinduced charge density wave phase in 1T-TaS$_2$: growth and coarsening mechanisms

4. Roles of band gap and Kane electronic dispersion in the THz-frequency nonlinear optical response in HgCdTe

5. Observation of polarization density waves in SrTiO3

6. Towards optimal spatiotemporal wavefront shaping for the cocktail party problem with inverse design of an acoustic reconfigurable metasurface in disordered media

7. Fiber-based high-speed fringe projection profilometry

9. The Impact of a Web-Based Mindfulness, Nutrition, and Physical Activity Platform on the Health Status of First-Year University Students: Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Trial

13. THz-induced carrier multiplication in TaAs Weyl semimetal

14. Non-equilibrium dynamics of spin-lattice coupling

15. Ultrafast all-optical manipulation of the charge-density-wave in VTe$_{2}$

18. Transcending shift-invariance in the paraxial regime via end-to-end inverse design of freeform nanophotonics


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