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Inorganic chemistry.

Inorganic chemistry is a branch of chemistry that involves the study of inorganic compounds, including metals, minerals, and organometallic compounds. A compound is a substance that forms when the atoms of two or more elements are chemically...

Salem Press Encyclopedia of Science, 2023. 3p.

1. The Extraction Ability and Sensitivity of Porphyrazine Derivatives Towards Some Transition Metal Cations

2. Humic acid complexation to Zn and Cd determined with the new electroanalytical technique AGNES

3. Variation of the preexponential factor and activation energy for lithium diffusion in cubic titanium disulfide

4. Controlling Nanoscale Properties of Supported Platinum Catalysts through Atomic Layer Deposition

5. Thermochemistry of organic and elementoorganic species. Part III. The enthalpies of formation of the hydrides of main group elements

6. A multilayer gold nanoparticle-polydopamine hybrid membrane-modified indium tin oxide electrode for selective sensing of dopamine in the present of ascorbic acid

7. Qualitative description of detachment forces for macromolecules

8. �ber die Reaktionsweisen von Vanadinhexacarbonyl mit di- und triterti�ren Phosphinen

10. Low-Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound Alleviates Human Testicular Leydig Cell Senescence In Vitro

11. Investigation of cobalt buildup behavior and suppression by zinc injection on stainless steel under HWC conditions using simultaneous continuous measurements of corrosion and cobalt buildup

12. Radioisotope-dilution technique for determining endogenous manganese in feces of the growing rat

13. Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum, Kidney Stones and Pyrophosphate: From a Rare Disease to Urolithiasis and Vascular Calcifications

15. δ-KNO3: Synthesis and Structure of a New Modification of Potassium Nitrate

16. CYP24A1 Expression Inversely Correlates with Melanoma Progression: Clinic-Pathological Studies

17. On the structure of some electron impact induced fragmentation products of Si(C6H5)4, Ge(C6H5)4 and Sn(C6H5)4

18. A density functional theory study on influence of 3d alloying elements on electrochemical properties of cobalt-base alloys

19. Conductometric determination of quaternary ammonium salts by sodium perchlorate and vice versa

20. Precisely designed layered silicate as an effective and highly selective CO2 adsorbent


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