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1. Multiscale embedded printing of engineered human tissue and organ equivalents.

2. Co-immobilizing laccase-mediator system by in-situ synthesis of MOF in PVA hydrogels for enhanced laccase stability and dye decolorization efficiency.

3. Co-axial hydrogel spinning for facile biofabrication of prostate cancer-like 3D models.

4. Efficient adsorption of chloroquine phosphate by a novel sodium alginate/tannic acid double-network hydrogel in a wide pH range.

5. Molecular co-assembled strategy tuning protein conformation for cartilage regeneration.

6. A dual-crosslinking electroactive hydrogel based on gelatin methacrylate and dibenzaldehyde-terminated telechelic polyethylene glycol for 3D bio-printing.

7. Molecular Modeling of Self-Assembling Peptides.

8. Bioactive gelatin-sheets as novel biopapers to support prevascularization organized by laser-assisted bioprinting for bone tissue engineering.

9. The role of decellularized cell derived extracellular matrix in the establishment and culture of in vitro breast cancer tumor model.

10. Using halofuginone-silver thermosensitive nanohydrogels with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties for healing wounds infected with Staphylococcus aureus.

11. Cellulose-alginate hydrogels and their nanocomposites for water remediation and biomedical applications.

12. Glycosaminoglycan-mimetic infernan grafted with poly(N-isopropylacrylamide): Toward a thermosensitive polysaccharide.

13. Gel properties and interactions of hydrogels constructed with low acyl gellan gum and puerarin.

14. Progress on green crosslinking of polysaccharide hydrogels for drug delivery and tissue engineering applications.

15. Improving the physicochemical stability and release properties of curcumin using κ-carrageenan/scallop hydrolysates hydrogel beads.

16. A guanosine/konjac glucomannan supramolecular hydrogel with antioxidant, antibacterial and immunoregulatory properties for cutaneous wound treatment.

17. Visible light-based 3D bioprinted composite scaffolds of κ-carrageenan for bone tissue engineering applications.

18. Stimuli-responsive peptide hydrogels for biomedical applications.

19. Self-triggered carboxymethyl chitosan hydrogel for the convenient sustained release of ClO 2 gas with environmental stability and long-term antimicrobial effect.

20. Nanocellulose: Structure, modification, biodegradation and applications in agriculture as slow/controlled release fertilizer, superabsorbent, and crop protection: A review.


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