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2. MMIL: A novel algorithm for disease associated cell type discovery

3. A Fast and Scalable Pathwise-Solver for Group Lasso and Elastic Net Penalized Regression via Block-Coordinate Descent

4. Using Pre-training and Interaction Modeling for ancestry-specific disease prediction in UK Biobank

5. The mosaic permutation test: an exact and nonparametric goodness-of-fit test for factor models

6. Temporal dynamics of the multi-omic response to endurance exercise training

7. Factor Fitting, Rank Allocation, and Partitioning in Multilevel Low Rank Matrices

8. A Statistical View of Column Subset Selection

9. Scalable solution to crossed random effects model with random slopes

10. RbX: Region-based explanations of prediction models

11. Smooth multi-period forecasting with application to prediction of COVID-19 cases

12. Confidence Intervals for the Generalisation Error of Random Forests

16. Weighted Low Rank Matrix Approximation and Acceleration

17. LinCDE: Conditional Density Estimation via Lindsey's Method

19. Scalable logistic regression with crossed random effects

20. Cross-validation: what does it estimate and how well does it do it?


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