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1. Aligning Organizational Priorities and System Policies to Support Implementation Scale-Up of a Tailored Classroom-Based Physical Activity Intervention in Low-Resource Schools

2. Associations between Physical Activity and Gross Motor Skills in Parent-Child Dyads

4. Randomized Controlled Trial to Improve Adiposity, Inflammation, and Insulin Resistance in Obese African-American and Latino Youth

5. Recommendations for Medical Discharge Documentation and Academic Supports for University Students Recovering From Concussion

8. Achieving Consensus Through a Modified Delphi Technique to Create the Post-concussion Collegiate Return-to-Learn Protocol

10. Classroom-Based Strategies to Reduce Disparities in Physical Activity among Children with Asthma

11. The Role of the Neighborhood Social Environment in Physical Activity among Hispanic Children: Moderation by Cultural Factors and Mediation by Neighborhood Norms.

14. Differential associations between everyday versus institution-specific racial discrimination, self-reported health, and allostatic load among black women: implications for clinical assessment and epidemiologic studies

19. Everyday Racial Discrimination and Hypertension among Midlife African American Women: Disentangling the Role of Active Coping Dispositions versus Active Coping Behaviors

20. Racial discrimination, educational attainment, and biological dysregulation among midlife African American women


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