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The Cooperative Republic of Guyana is the only officially English-speaking country in South America. It is one of three countries on South America's northeast coast, along with Suriname and French Guiana, that are known collectively as the...

Salem Press Encyclopedia, 2023. 3p.

1. The establishment of a collaborative surveillance program with indigenous hunters to characterize primate health in Southern Guyana.

2. Attitudes of women towards intimate partner violence in Guyana: A cross-sectional analytical study.

3. Understanding transmission risk and predicting environmental suitability for Mayaro Virus in Central and South America.

5. Fruit and seed traits and vertebrate-fruit interactions of tree species occurring in Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana.

6. Reconciling a Broken Heritage: Developing Mental Health Social Work in Guyana.

7. Socioeconomic and home educational resource risk factors and Children's literacy and social skills in Guyanese families: Mediating role of parental cognitive engagement and parental guidance.

8. Two new species and two new records for cicadas (Hemiptera: Cicadidae) from French Guiana, with an updated faunal list of French Guiana and the first synoptic list for Guyana.

9. A new cryptic species of Imparfinis (Siluriformes: Heptapteridae) from the Orinoco River basin, revealed by an iterative approach.

10. The contribution of risk perception and social norms to reported preventive behaviour against selected vector-borne diseases in Guyana.

11. The Guyana Program to Advance Cardiac Care: A Model for Equitable Cardiovascular Care Delivery.

12. Two new species of Allobates of the trilineatus clade (Anura: Aromobatidae) from the Eastern Guiana Shield.

13. Factors associated with prostate cancer screening among Indo-Guyanese men.

14. Bothrops (Fer-de-lance) snakebites in the French departments of the Americas (Martinique and Guyana): Clinical and experimental studies and treatment by immunotherapy.

15. New species and new distributional records of the hygropetric water scavenger beetle genus Oocyclus Sharp (Coleoptera: Hydrophilidae) from the Guiana Shield.

16. Maternal depressive symptoms and physical intimate partner violence and children's internalizing and externalizing behaviors in Guyanese families: Mediating role of constructive conflict behavior.

17. Russulaceae of the Pakaraima Mountains of Guyana. IV. New species forming a distinct lineage of Lactarius subg. Plinthogalus .

18. Training and implementation of handheld ultrasound technology at Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation in Guyana: a virtual learning cohort study

19. Sex as Boys' Fame, But Girls' Shame: Adversarial Adolescent Gender Roles and Gender-based Violence in Guyana.

20. A new Chiasmocleis (Anura: Microhylidae) from the eastern Guiana Shield with an amended definition of C. haddadi Peloso, Sturaro, Forlani, Gaucher, Motta, & Wheeler, 2014.


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