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1. Beyond the Global Brain Differences: Intraindividual Variability Differences in 1q21.1 Distal and 15q11.2 BP1-BP2 Deletion Carriers

2. Identifying genetic differences between bipolar disorder and major depression through multiple GWAS

3. GWAS Meta-Analysis of Suicide Attempt: Identification of 12 Genome-Wide Significant Loci and Implication of Genetic Risks for Specific Health Factors

4. Genome-wide analysis identifies genetic effects on reproductive success and ongoing natural selection at the FADS locus

5. Volume of subcortical brain regions in social anxiety disorder: mega-analytic results from 37 samples in the ENIGMA-Anxiety Working Group

6. Genetic variants for head size share genes and pathways with cancer

7. Virtual Ontogeny of Cortical Growth Preceding Mental Illness

8. Genetic variants associated with longitudinal changes in brain structure across the lifespan

9. Circulating Metabolome and White Matter Hyperintensities in Women and Men

10. Sex-Dependent Shared and Nonshared Genetic Architecture Across Mood and Psychotic Disorders

11. Dissecting the Shared Genetic Architecture of Suicide Attempt, Psychiatric Disorders, and Known Risk Factors

12. Greater male than female variability in regional brain structure across the lifespan

13. Effects of copy number variations on brain structure and risk for psychiatric illness: Large-scale studies from the ENIGMA working groups on CNVs

14. Subcortical volumes across the lifespan: Data from 18,605 healthy individuals aged 3-90 years

15. Cortical thickness across the lifespan: Data from 17,075 healthy individuals aged 3-90 years

16. Genetic structure of major depression symptoms across clinical and community cohorts

17. Brain aging in major depressive disorder: results from the ENIGMA major depressive disorder working group

18. Virtual Histology of Cortical Thickness and Shared Neurobiology in 6 Psychiatric Disorders

19. Classical Human Leukocyte Antigen Alleles and C4 Haplotypes Are Not Significantly Associated With Depression

20. Genome-wide gene-environment analyses of major depressive disorder and reported lifetime traumatic experiences in UK Biobank


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