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1. Definició i càlcul de les constants d'equilibri en els llibres de text de Química general preuniversitaris i universitaris

2. Formation of Chromophores from cis-Pinonaldehyde Aged in Highly Acidic Conditions

3. Molecular-Scale Visualization of Steric Effects of Ligand Binding to Reconstructed Au(111) Surfaces

4. RNA: The Unsuspected Conductor in the Orchestra of Macromolecular Crowding

5. Chemical Bonding and the Role of Node-Induced Electron Confinement

6. 14.8% Quantum Efficient Gallium Phosphide Photocatalyst for Hydrogen Evolution

7. Mechanistic Insights into the Origins of Selectivity in a Cu-Catalyzed C–H Amidation Reaction

8. Platinum Surface Water Orientation Dictates Hydrogen Evolution Reaction Kinetics in Alkaline Media.

9. Sulfur Switches for Responsive Peptide Materials

10. Selective Adsorption of Oxygen from Humid Air in a Metal–Organic Framework with Trigonal Pyramidal Copper(I) Sites

11. Improving Protein Expression, Stability, and Function with ProteinMPNN

12. Synthesis of π‐Conjugated Chiral Aza/Boracyclophanes with a meta and para Substitution

13. Spin Coupling Effect on Geometry-Dependent X‑Ray Absorption of Diradicals

14. Enabling Chemoenzymatic Strategies and Enzymes for Synthesizing Sialyl Glycans and Sialyl Glycoconjugates

18. δ‐bonding and spin‐orbit coupling make SrAg4Sb2 a topological insulator

19. Nature of Zirconia on a Copper Inverse Catalyst Under CO2 Hydrogenation Conditions

20. Tracking Active Phase Behavior on Boron Nitride during the Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Propane Using Operando X‑ray Raman Spectroscopy


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