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1. A dual-crosslinking electroactive hydrogel based on gelatin methacrylate and dibenzaldehyde-terminated telechelic polyethylene glycol for 3D bio-printing.

2. Bioactive gelatin-sheets as novel biopapers to support prevascularization organized by laser-assisted bioprinting for bone tissue engineering.

3. Three-Dimensional Extrusion Printed Urinary Specific Grafts: Mechanistic Insights into Buildability and Biophysical Properties.

4. Chemical and Structural Engineering of Gelatin-Based Delivery Systems for Therapeutic Applications: A Review.

5. Gelatin-Based Hybrid Hydrogels as Matrices for Organoid Culture.

6. Microfabrication of Gelatin Methacrylate/Hydroxyapatite Composites by Utilizing Alternate Soaking Process.

7. Engineering Photo-Cross-Linkable MXene-Based Hydrogels: Durable Conductive Biomaterials for Electroactive Tissues and Interfaces.

8. Biomimetic short fiber reinforced 3-dimensional scaffold for bone tissue regeneration.

9. Injectable Self-Healing Oxidized Starch/Gelatin Hybrid Hydrogel for Preventing Aseptic Loosening of Bone Tissue Engineering.

10. Biocatalytic nitric oxide generating hydrogels with enhanced anti-inflammatory, cell migration, and angiogenic capabilities for wound healing applications.

11. Optimization of hybrid gelatin-polysaccharide bioinks exploiting thiol-norbornene chemistry using a reducing additive.

12. Cellulose nanocrystals-reinforced dual crosslinked double network GelMA/hyaluronic acid injectable nanocomposite cryogels with improved mechanical properties for cartilage tissue regeneration.

13. Controlled pore anisotropy in chitosan-gelatin cryogels for use in bone tissue engineering.

14. Preparation, physicochemical characterization and swelling properties of composite hydrogel microparticles based on gelatin and pectins with different structure.

15. Optimization of an edible film formulation by incorporating carrageenan and red wine lees into fish gelatin film matrix.

16. Biomimetic Conductive Hydrogel Scaffolds with Anisotropy and Electrical Stimulation for In Vivo Skeletal Muscle Reconstruction.

17. Gelatin/carboxymethylcellulose composite film combined with photodynamic antibacterial: New prospect for fruit preservation.

18. Cold plasma treatment of tannic acid as a green technology for the fabrication of advanced cross-linkers for bioactive collagen/gelatin hydrogels.

19. Tannic acid adsorption properties of cellulose nanocrystalline/fish swim bladder gelatin composite sponge.

20. Microcin C7-laden modified gelatin based biocomposite hydrogel for the treatment of periodontitis.


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